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Inn to Inn Walk

The Westleton Crown to The Ship at Dunwich

From The Westleton Crown turn left and follow the road before turning left into Mill Street. After a few hundred yards you will see a path to the right, follow this up the hill bearing left at the top and down the zigzag slope, at the bottom turn right following the footpath. At the first open space follow the path until you reach a second open space. Keep left following the path and when you reach a third open space use the right fork up the slope. At the top take the steps down to the track. Turn left and follow the track until you come to the road where you will see a footpath sign on the right, follow this path across the heath and through the woods keeping a look out for red deer particularly if it’s dawn or dusk. At the end of the path you will come to a road, turn right and follow it until you see a footpath on your left. Follow this path past Westleton walks and over Dunwich heath, keep following this path until you reach the Minsmere road, cross straight over the road following the path into the woods. When you reach a road turn right, you will then see a gravel track to your right as the road takes a sharp turn to the left, this track will lead you through Dunwich woods and behind the ruins of Greyfriars monastery along the cliffs. The path then leads down into Dunwich and you will see The Ship just ahead of you.

The Ship at Dunwich to The Westleton Crown

Leaving from The Ship turn left and walk down the road to St James church, head straight across the junction and onto the track opposite. Walk up the track past the old churchyard and remnants of the old chapel, keep following this path up and out  through the woods passing Sandy Lane Farm on your right hand side about 1 ½ miles on.  Passing the farm you head back into a wooded section that leads out onto Westleton Heath, a large area of protected heathland that has beautiful displays of gorse and heather in the late summer and is another good area for red deer spotting. Follow the path over the heath until you come to the road, here you need to turn left to walk a short distance back up the road to pick up the path back into Westleton. The path leads you past an old chalk quarry on your right and a fork in the path just before a group of trees. Turn right here and follow this path until you come to a road, turn left and then immediately right onto another footpath. When you reach a road turn right, this will lead you back into Westleton and a well-deserved drink in the bar!

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Map of The Westleton Crown and The Ship at Dunwich

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